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Sport Specific Conditioning and Cross training

From the professional athlete to the weekend warrior, our integrated programs are designed to condition your body to excel by increasing speed, power, agility, core stability, and flexibility. With the addition of functional cross training you will prevent and correct imbalances which can lead to poor performance and injuries.

Whether you’re an avid golfer, runner, cyclist, swimmer, snow sport enthusiast or simply looking for mainstream athletic training, GIT’s private fitness instructor has helped people successfully improve their golf game, train and complete multiple marathons and triathlon events, pass Cross Fit level testing, complete century bike rides and other endurance and obstacle type integrated events. Get your winning edge today!

Weight Loss & Obtaining Optimal Physique

Extraordinary results are achieved through consistent action and proper supervision. To reach and maintain your weight loss goal you need both! We design customized unique and challenging work outs that are fun, burn body fat, and improve cardiovascular health. GIT understands your challenges when you leave the gym, we will give you guidance on how to make healthy nutritional choices to achieve your weight loss goals and create a lifestyle for lasting results.

Flexibility Enhancement & Assisted Stretching

Get your body in balance! The ability to move a joint through an adequate range of movement is critical for maximizing function in the body, correcting muscular imbalances, reducing muscle tension, enhancing muscular coordination, and long term injury prevention. After evaluating your current range of motion we will gently, safely, and effectively take you step by step through a tailored plan combining Static (passive), Ballistic (active), and PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretches to help you achieve what you cannot obtain through self-stretching.

Build Muscle & Endurance

Don’t let the title scare you! Our expert plans can help you break through a training plateau, correct anatomical imbalances, fix weaknesses created by sedentary jobs/lifestyle, or rebuild muscle atrophy as a result of past injury. Resistance training works wonders for men and women with smaller (ectomorphic) frames wanting to increase lean body mass. It is also critical as we age, as building muscle can prevent bone disease/fractures, and will make your body burn more calories at a resting state. We closely supervise your resistance program to ensure you master technique and form, which will build a stronger you.

Personal Training Prices

$55 per one hour session


  • 6 sessions: $300
  • 12 sessions: $540
  • 24 sessions: $960


  • 3 sessions per week: $425/month
  • 4 sessions per week: $505/month