Hamstring Wall Stretch

Hamstring Wall Stretch

This all in one stretch feels fabulous, will open up the hamstrings, low back, chest, and anterior shoulders while helping with lower extremity circulation.

Equipment needed: Small Folded Blanket for support and a Wall

Your distance from the wall will depend on your height: if you’re shorter move closer to the wall, if taller move farther from the wall. Experiment with the distance from the wall and position and height of the folded blanket in the curve of your low back until you find the placement that works for you.

• Sit down as close as you can to the wall, and gently swing your legs up the wall and lie down on your back

• You want to adjust your body so that your buttocks are touching the wall, and then place your feet straight up, resting your heels on the wall. You can keep your arms by your sides, or bend at the elbows with palms up to form right angles with your shoulder and elbow crease. (this position will stretch your shoulders).

• Close your eyes and relax your entire body, allowing gravity to pull you down as the wall and blanket support you.
• Hold for 5 minutes or longer.

• When done, roll your body over to one side with your knees bent, and rest your head on the inside of your arm, staying like this in the fetal position for a minute or so. Then roll up onto your knees and slowly stand up.


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