Discover how TPI Certified Golf Golf Fitness can transform your game.


TPI Golf Fitness Impacts Your Game

TPI results are well documented. You’ll gain yardage, improve accuracy, and elevate your overall golf game. Our customized golf fitness programs will make you a more powerful golfer.

By reducing or eliminating your critical swing faults, you’ll see increases in your distance and accuracy. We’ll improve your flexibility, balance, endurance, and ultimately, add longevity to your game. By efficiently using your body, you will no longer feel worn out after intensive practice or play.

Results you can feel. Performance you can see

By participating in our TPI physical screening evaluation, we are able to identify your specific physical limitations that may be causing critical flaws in your golf swing.  The results of our screening enable us to isolate any weak links in your body and develop corrective techniques to create function and movement in your body critical for the long term success of your golf game.

Our golfers see their best results when we administer a combination of golf fitness, flexibility and range of motion work with customized stretching programs and client tailored therapy sessions.  We move your focus off of the pain and/or physical limitations of the body that may be the result of the body’s compensation for varying physical ailment.  Our goal is to bring enjoyment back to your game!

TPI Golf Fitness Prices

Individual TPI Golf Fitness Training Session: $65

Golf Fitness Packages:

  • 4 sessions: $240
  • 8 sessions: $440
  • 16 sessions: $800

Initial consultation: $105
TPI 12 step assessment, flexibility enhancement, and focused massage therapy, Custom designed TPI online program. (75 min)

Initial Consultation & Follow Up Package: $195
TPI 12 step assessment, flexibility enhancement, focused massage therapy. Custom designed TPI online program, Follow up TPI 12 step assessment, Flexibility Enhancement, and 30 min training session and/or focused massage therapy. (2-60 min sessions)